School Vending

Our Vending Service delivers vending services for local schools that can fulfill the needs of your teachers, students, faculty & staff alike. It doesn’t matter what size your school is or where it is located.

The debate over whether schools should have vending machines has been lengthy and ongoing. Vending machines are a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to grab a bite to eat or something to drink to sustain students in between meals. With vending machines found in 43 percent of elementary schools, 74 percent of middle schools, and 98 percent of high schools across the U.S., it’s a safe bet to say vending in schools is here to stay.

Many schools benefit financially from having a vending machine on premises. According to Distrinct Administration, the way schools make money from vending machines is through commission sales and digital advertising. For example, vending machines with media displays can sell ad space to local companies. In turn, schools get a piece of the ad revenue. Other schools prohibit advertising and rely solely on machine commissions or contract with vending companies for donations toward expenses for school supplies, computer labs and arts programs.

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